Top three: Brussel sprout recipes

It can sometimes be challenging to make a strong tasting veg shine. I simply love brussel sprouts just as they are, but in order to make my family love them too I draw from the following 3 recipes

  • Brussel sprout cappucino – a decadent and luxurious starter to any meal.
  • Quiche – a wonderful and filling winter quiche. In our house any dish with lots of egg is always a hit!
  • Stirfried sprouts – stirfry blanched sprouts, bacon and cashew nuts. Great with steak or a roast chicken.

Top three: chefs on youtube

The past year I have spent a lot of time soaking in my bath tub. What I like to do then, is get recipe ideas on youtube. I have discovered some personal favourites. The great thing is that there is inspiration for everyone online, from beginner to professional chef. Why don’t you start by giving my top 3 a try?

  1. Akis Kitchen – This channel has so many things going for it, that I have to break it down in bullets. His pastichio was an instant hit with my family.
    • This Greek chef makes tasty Greek recipes, which happens to be one of the cuisines I like very much
    • Akis makes these dishes simple to make for anyone, anywhere on the world.
    • Akis speaks English with a cute Greek accent, and he is easy on the eyes to boot!
  2. FoodTube – Jamie Oliver introduces you to many great recipes, but he also manages to find the best online chefs for you! One of my favorite recipe ideas is Butternut 3 ways.
  3. Donal Skehan – Donal’s recipes are just what I look for. Different and inspiring enough to impress my family and guests, yet simple enough for me to want to try them on a weekday! I haven’t tried these baked meatballs yet, but they are just the kind of thing my family would enjoy.