Felt Funny bunny


I am in the blessed age of my life where many friends are pregnant and busy with babies. This means I have all the more reason to create fun felt figures. I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to fuzzy felty figures!

The other day I already made a bunny for Easter, which ended up in the crib of my friends little girl. Now I created Funny Bunny for another sweet baby.

Looking for more felt ideas? You can download my patterns for Plane baby rattle and cute Cloudette.




In Holland we are spoiled for choice. We have flower shops full of beautiful and affordable flowers. Still, I think your own picked bouquet is a more personal gift.


This bouquet contained daisies, chive flowers, snapdragons and some plants I couldn’t name if I tried. There are some important attention points when you pick flowers:

  • Ask permission first, or pick from your own garden
  • Make sure you wipe of any bugs or little creatures
  • Cut the flowers at an angle
  • Cut flowers before their prime, so they open in the vase
  • Take the leaves off the part of the stem that will be submerged in water
  • Keep the stems moist
  • Use greens to bulk up your bouquet
  • Contrasts make wild flower bouquets beautiful, look for different textures, colors, smells and use different lengths.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process, I know I did!

Fabulous five! Mothersday

Mothers day is in exactly 1 week (in the Netherlands). My mom is getting a homemade gift, from the heart. Here are my top 5 picks;

  1. My mom loves reading. A personalized bookmark would be a good idea!
  2. A heartfelt sweet message on a board or a card
  3. Make an egg cosy with some felt! Perfect combined with a surprise breakfast in bed!!

    through Ariadne at home

  4. Say it with food! Bake a special apple pie
  5. Make a simple and personal card

Car garage birthday treat

Every year it’s a challenge, what will may toddler hand out at his day care. This year i made a garage full box full of car shaped treats.


The cars

I made these cars by wrapping raisin boxes in colored paper. I glued some dutch “pepernoten” on the boxes using a thick icing made with icing sugar and some drops of egg white.

The garage

I upcycled a delivery box to make the garage.I first wrapped it, to hide the ugly box. I used strong black strips of card board. When my toddler starts playing, he can be a bit rough. This is why I connected all the strips with cello tape.

A plane baby rattle

The coming months it seems all my friends will be having babies. This means that I get to make beautiful felt figures. This airplane has a rattle to make it more fun.

I first drew and cut out 2 identical airplane figures of red and orange felt. I then attached a white star to the red air plane. I glued the felt planes together at the wings with textile glue. I stitched along the wings. This way the wings are unstuffed, flat and sturdy from the glue. After this I connected the 2 planes using a blanket stitch. I stuffed the plane with filling and placed a rattle around the nose. You can download the Free Pattern here.


For felt inspiration, check out my Fuzzy felty figures board on Pinterest.

Find another free felt pattern here.