Bookmarks made with love


My sweet mother bought me a laminating machine the other day (thank you mum!). And I must say I have been feeling very inspired! I used this machine to create a beautiful gift for my son’s daycare lady’s. They are like second mothers to him, which makes them extra special!

I drew 3 bookmarks with a black marker. One with a lucky theme with clover fours, one with a love theme with hearts and one book marker with a party theme with balloons. After this I went crazy with the coloring pencils. Of course I wrote a personal message on the back of the book marks and I added a foto of my toddler. To preserve the book marks I laminated them first, after which I cut them out. I attached ribbons with a bead that can stick out the book they read.


I attached each marker to a beautiful bouquet for a festive surprise. Of course you could also let your toddler do the coloring for a personal touch too.

Wrap up!

Today I had lots of fun wrapping a gift for a family member. This blog used to only evolve around gift wrapping. With the season of giving coming closer, it is time for some gift wrapping inspiration!


As you can see in the photograph I take gift wrapping very seriously. Here are my tips:

  • Get some pretty wrapped sweets or chocolates and use double sided tape to stick them on your package
  • Use real ribbon! It looks so much better than that plastic stuff.
  • Use feathers and/or chenille for extra decoration around your bow.
  • Decorate a peg. Use this peg to attach your card to the ribbon.
  • When wrapping a softer item. Create an envelope with the wrapping paper. This ensures a tight finish.


When you wrap presents, please don’t hold back. It’s like your Christmas decorations, less is not more…

For more wrapping inspiration:

Personalized coaster

I created these personalized coaster for my sister yesterday, inspired by Pinterest. They are Coasters4made with the coark coasters by IKEA (HEAT). I used coasters for pans which I created with the suitable texts: flavour, good food and togetherness.

I used a permanent marker and it was surprisingly easy to make them into something special. I will definately try this again with smaller coasters. My toddler might want to join in next time. I can also see this being a great mothersday present. Or you could make placeholders for your christmasdinner or wedding by writing names on smaller coasters.


Fabulous five: jam jar re-use tips

As a mother that works 36 hours a week I like to think ahead. Making soups or sauces in the evenings, ready to warm up for dinner the next day, is a real time saver. I like serving homemade food, and by storing my creations properly I can feed my troops quickly.

Once my homemade food is packaged in a smart way, it can also be taken to work or on a picnic on the beach or in the park. This prevents us from buying greasy snacks, although we give in to our cravings every niw and then!

People often ask me how I manage this, upcycling jars is a big part of the answer. Here are my five ideas for storing and transporting in jam jars:

  1. Use jars  to store your home made jams, jelly’s, lemon curd or mayo.Mayo1
  2. Make and store batches of delicious sauces and dips in the barbecue season like tzatziki, rocket pesto and tomato sauceRocketPesto2
  3. Mix your favorite salad dressing inside a jar. Just add all ingredients, close and shake! I like making our Ceasar salad dressing this way.
  4. CeaserOne jam jar holds 1 (cold) soup serving, for a healthy lunch or afternoon snack! (like this my gourgette soup recipe, good warm or cold)Gsoup2
  5. Label your jars! This way you know what’s in them and when you made them. I use pretty labels when I plan on giving the jam away. That brings me to another perk of using a jar, unlike an (expensive) plastic container, I never worry about getting the container back from my friends….

Felt Funny bunny


I am in the blessed age of my life where many friends are pregnant and busy with babies. This means I have all the more reason to create fun felt figures. I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to fuzzy felty figures!

The other day I already made a bunny for Easter, which ended up in the crib of my friends little girl. Now I created Funny Bunny for another sweet baby.

Looking for more felt ideas? You can download my patterns for Plane baby rattle and cute Cloudette.




In Holland we are spoiled for choice. We have flower shops full of beautiful and affordable flowers. Still, I think your own picked bouquet is a more personal gift.


This bouquet contained daisies, chive flowers, snapdragons and some plants I couldn’t name if I tried. There are some important attention points when you pick flowers:

  • Ask permission first, or pick from your own garden
  • Make sure you wipe of any bugs or little creatures
  • Cut the flowers at an angle
  • Cut flowers before their prime, so they open in the vase
  • Take the leaves off the part of the stem that will be submerged in water
  • Keep the stems moist
  • Use greens to bulk up your bouquet
  • Contrasts make wild flower bouquets beautiful, look for different textures, colors, smells and use different lengths.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process, I know I did!

Babyshower craft ideas

I firmly believe in celebrating all the milestones in your life. Baby showers are not yet a common tradition in the Netherlands. Among my friends they are very popular at the moment…or it might be because my friends are all entering a certain phase in their lives…

babyshower ideas

Wherever you are, here’s some ideas to give your baby shower a personal touch:

  1. Create a personalized guest book. People can write down personal wishes, you can add pictures of the baby shower later. I made this guest book with some lovely scrapbook pages I had lying around.
  2. Give your guests a party favor before they go home, with a thank you card attached. Babyshower2
  3. Make some cupcakes in the theme color
  4. Looking for a fun craft activity during the baby shower? Pimp the clothe hangers for the baby clothes. Or decorate some pegs.
  5. Make personalized felt figures, like Cloudette or this plane rattle.

Check out my pinterest board for more inspiration.

Birthday surprise

Painting ceramics is surprisingly easy! I made this birthday plate for my nephew in 20 minutes. You do have to bake your plate in order to harden the paint.


I bought the plate from a thrift store and upcycled it in a few simple steps using:

  • permanent marker or sharpie pen
  • Decorfin Porcelain paint
  • Paint brushes

I drew my design with the permanent marker. I colored in my design using the Porcelain paint. I baked my plate in the oven for 45 minutes.

This plate can go in the dish washer. This way my nephew can eat of his birthday plate every year!

Try your own hand at making a personalized plate.



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