Wrap up!

Today I had lots of fun wrapping a gift for a family member. This blog used to only evolve around gift wrapping. With the season of giving coming closer, it is time for some gift wrapping inspiration!


As you can see in the photograph I take gift wrapping very seriously. Here are my tips:

  • Get some pretty wrapped sweets or chocolates and use double sided tape to stick them on your package
  • Use real ribbon! It looks so much better than that plastic stuff.
  • Use feathers and/or chenille for extra decoration around your bow.
  • Decorate a peg. Use this peg to attach your card to the ribbon.
  • When wrapping a softer item. Create an envelope with the wrapping paper. This ensures a tight finish.


When you wrap presents, please don’t hold back. It’s like your Christmas decorations, less is not more…

For more wrapping inspiration: