Cheese fondue

On a cold and wintery day, we just love making cheese fondue.

As a metnlintje first, I made you a (downloadable) decorative recipe! You can just follow the instructions on the FondueSketch to make the fondue. This recipe serves 2 greedy adults and a toddler. Don’t forget to season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

I grew up in Switserland. This means I am quite a puritan about how you are supposed to enjoy your home made fondue. These are my Cheese fondue guidelines:

  • Serve with cubes of (day old) bread for maximum cheese absorbtion when dunking.
  • Have wine or tea with your fondue. If you don’t, I was told big clumps of cheese form in your tummy!
  • You can also dunk pieces of pear, button mushroom or cherry tomatoes
  • Serve with strong flavored goodies/tappas so your guests can cleanse their pallet and enjoy every moment of cheese sensation. Excellent goodies are:
    • Thin slices of high quality chacutery like salame or parma ham for a salty tang
    • Pickles like gurkins or pickled onions for a sour balance
    • Sweet fruit like grapes, (tinned) peaches or pear
  • Use a thick pan that holds and distributes heat well (le caquelon)
  • Keep your fondue warm on a (matching) warmer.
  • The crust that forms on the bottom is sacred! It’s the best part, so scrape every last bit of the bottom.

My family loves cheese, so everyone joins in for this one at our home. It always makes a festive meal in our home. We light the candles and we take our time to saver the cheese but it also leaves lots of time for conversation. Hope you enjoy it too!

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