Feeling (p)inspired

LeafySketchSThe other day I descided to take my doodling to another level. In search of inspiration I searched trusty Pinterest. I collected so many ideas that made my heart beat faster that I couldn’t wait to get started! (You can find my pinsperation here.)

One site truely caught my eye. Alisa Burke makes beatiful artwork. The great thing is that she makes it look so simple! The last few evenings I set out to create my own artwork.


I really enjoyed making this project. I first made background with very wet water coloring. After this I doodled the butterflies and leaves. After some digging I found my coloring pencils to finish my creation.

This project was fun and relaxing to do. I am always searching for new ways to be creative and to unwind after a busy day at work and these coloring projects really do the trick!

Next I am moving on to sketching my own recipes, to be continued…