Babyshower craft ideas

I firmly believe in celebrating all the milestones in your life. Baby showers are not yet a common tradition in the Netherlands. Among my friends they are very popular at the moment…or it might be because my friends are all entering a certain phase in their lives…

babyshower ideas

Wherever you are, here’s some ideas to give your baby shower a personal touch:

  1. Create a personalized guest book. People can write down personal wishes, you can add pictures of the baby shower later. I made this guest book with some lovely scrapbook pages I had lying around.
  2. Give your guests a party favor before they go home, with a thank you card attached. Babyshower2
  3. Make some cupcakes in the theme color
  4. Looking for a fun craft activity during the baby shower? Pimp the clothe hangers for the baby clothes. Or decorate some pegs.
  5. Make personalized felt figures, like Cloudette or this plane rattle.

Check out my pinterest board for more inspiration.

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